Narrowing Down the Options

You want the best for your loved one — the best staff, the best environment and the best features. And there are certain things you’re looking for in a senior living community that you’re never going to be willing to sacrifice. But you also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. We know how you feel, because we have been helping people just like you find the perfect community for their loved ones for almost 40 years.

As you begin comparing communities, take time to weigh which factors are most important to you. For example, does your loved one need to live in a location close to you or another family member? Does your loved one have any special requests or desires, like wanting to bring their pet? Each community has its own list of perks or amenities — you just want to make sure they match up with your needs.

There’s also no substitute for seeing one of our communities in person. It’s often impossible to feel comfortable choosing a place you only see in a brochure or online. But we think that once you meet our staff, feel the home-like atmosphere at each location, and see our resident’s quality of life, you’ll start to feel at ease about how well our communities work for your loved one.

Why we think Brookdale is the right fit for you

As the largest operator of senior living communities in the US, we have over 800 locations all across the country. So you’ll easily be able to find one in your area. And since our company was established in 1978, you can have the confidence that you’re choosing a caregiver with a decades-long proven track record of delivering quality care to our residents. And because you’ll be choosing an experienced company, you can rest assured that we have the programs, staff and resources in place — at all of our communities — to provide an experience that’s enriching and nurturing for your loved one.

We treat each resident with respect, and take time to understand their needs and get to know them. We constantly strive to make each individual feel appreciated and heard. We choose our staff based on their skills and qualifications, and especially for their passion of senior care. Our staff enjoys listening to personal stories of families, favorite memories and the accomplishments of our veterans. We take pride in the number of veterans entrusted in our care — we honor their role in preserving our freedom and offer a unique situation that creates a sense of camaraderie among fellow service men and women, along with their spouses.

Brookdale brings people together in a similar stage of life and creates opportunities for new friendships and a renewed sense of purpose.

We care about you finding the right community for your loved one. By providing some helpful resources, we hope it’ll make it a little easier to find the perfect one. 

Find a Brookdale Community Near You
Find a Brookdale Community Near You

Dive Further Into Senior Living

Along with finding the right fit for your loved one, here are other important things to consider: