Is Life Care Right for Me?

You’ve spent years thinking about your perfect retirement, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy it without worrying about running out of money or having to move because your healthcare needs change? If that sounds like your dream come true, we’ve got good news for you.

Brookdale Life Care communities have great services and amenities: spacious accommodations, quality dining, fun activities and some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. But they also give you peace of mind that even if your financial circumstances change through no fault of your own or your medical circumstances change, your address can likely stay the same.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Life Care

There are plenty of reasons why seniors choose to move into Life Care communities, but here are five of the top reasons to consider if you’re on the fence about where you want to spend your retirement.

1. Peace of mind
When you move to one of our Life Care campuses, you receive guaranteed care for the length of your life — even if your financial funds are exhausted through no fault of your own.* So once you arrive and settle in, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to relocate if your needs or financial circumstances change in the future. There’s really no other senior living option quite like it!

*The life care guarantee is subject to the terms & conditions of the Residency Contract.

2. High quality of life
Life Care communities provide everything from high-quality services and comfortable living spaces to beautiful environments where you can make the most of your retirement years. Many of our Life Care CCRCs are located near inspiring natural attractions, which means you could be within driving distance of the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches or the Atlantic Ocean. Each campus is beautifully designed and well-maintained, so whether you want to spend your days relaxing inside with a good book or soaking up the sun, you can rest assured that you will have every opportunity to enjoy top-notch amenities.

3. Freedom to choose
When you live at a Life Care community, you can decide each and every day how you want to make the most of your retirement. Each one of our CCRCs features a unique activities calendar designed specifically for the residents who call it home. That means you may find everything from fitness classes and dance lessons to happy hours and live performances. Each CCRC also offers community clubs, volunteer activities, and off-site adventures. So no matter what your interests and passions are, you will have ample opportunity to make lasting memories and develop lifelong friendships.

4. Fewer chores
Speaking of having more freedom, we haven’t even mentioned one of the best features. Our convenient services help you make the most of your time at a CCRC. If you don’t feel like cooking or you are simply over doing the laundry, our Life Care communities provide everything from dining and housekeeping to transportation, concierge, laundry and more! Now you can spend more time doing what you love while we handle the rest.

5. More social connections
Life Care communities have all kinds of planned activities and events, so you have a lot of opportunities to meet new and interesting people. And because you all live in the same place, you have the added bonus of being surrounded by wonderful men and women in the same stage of life. Instead of being miles away, your friends are within walking distance. Now you can easily go out to lunch, gather for game nights, enjoy movie marathons, play golf and so much more.

Telling the Family You’re Ready for a CCRC

In many ways, moving to a Life Care CCRC is a great gift to give your kids and grandkids. Your future care will be covered so your family won’t have to worry about you or whether you have the care you need. And you’re in the driver’s seat making decisions for your future. You won’t have to burden your family with that responsibility.

If you’ve been doing your research and thinking about making a move to a Life Care CCRC, you’ve had time to plan, but your choice may come as a surprise to your kids. They may have mixed feelings about selling the family home where they grew up or they may be worried that you won’t be happy. It may even be difficult for them to imagine that you are getting older and will likely need extra help down the road. All of these are normal feelings. Let us help you explain how CCRCs work and the benefits of planning now. Schedule a visit and bring your kids with you, and we’ll help you answer their questions.


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Brookdale’s Life Care communities provide a place where seniors can live, socialize and receive the care they need, while knowing that they can remain in the same community should their care needs change in the future.